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Talking Point!

Music Therapy For Depression- Music is central to our societies today, different cultures used music both in their daily lives and to uplift their spirits. Music Therapy Is An Evidence- Based Practice. Some Ways Music Therapy Can Help: Expressing Feelings Promoting Wellness Enhancing Memory Managing Stress Improving Communication Boost The Imagination And Creativity Music Can […]

Black History!

Association Tennis Club and Monumental Tennis Club, D.C., Baltimore WHILE Black universities, including nearby Howard, offered tennis to students from the 1890s, the first known invitational for Black amateurs kicked off in 1898 at Philadelphia’s Chautauqua Tennis Club. But it wasn’t until the United States Lawn Tennis Association (USLTA) — the pre-cursor to the United […]

Jimmie Mcdaniel

Jimmie McDaniel (September 4, 1916 – March 8, 1990) was a Black American tennis player.[1] He was a four time American Tennis Association singles champion.[2] He was said to be the “greatest black player of the pre-war (WWII) era.” [2] Jimmie was raised in Los Angeles where he attended Manual Arts High School. His father Willis McDaniel was a former baseball player in the Negro leagues who […]