Last year I did the bible reading leading up to jesus CHRIST death, this year I didnt, however do read the story because its important and it mean something for us, every year millions of people read or hear of the story of jesus CHRIST death but they actually don’t get alot out of it, which is so much in it, as you read answer these three questions: why did jesus CHRIST die? How does jesus CHRIST death affect me? How does jesus CHRIST death benefit me? Answering those questions you will get alot out of the story and you  will understand it better and what it mean for you. Here are the bible passages: mark 14:3-9  mark 11:1-11 mark 11:12-19  mark 11:20-12:27 41-44 mark 14:1,2,10,11  Matthew 26:1-5 14-16 mark 14:12-72  Matthew 26:17-19      mark 15:1-47. Matthew 27:62-66. Mark 16:1  mark 16:2-8.

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