ok I don’t want to do it but I have to…if you don’t know by now my favorite basketball player is retiring, his last game as a professional athlete is next Wednesday and everybody is making gifts buying gift for him many tributes to him athletes acknowledging his greatness, of course everybody buying his jersey and shoes collections Espn sports channel is making a farewell to him, for me its get emotional because being a fan for many years and how good of a player he was his toughness, drive, his will to win and let no one get in the way of that made for a very good player, 20 years later his body failing him he not playing the same way he use to sad to see. I rememeber watching every single lakers games and every night it nothing fail he entertain and played like he was on a mission every night the memories, kobe and shaq duo classic, a kid fresh from high school playing in the nba against at the time the most dominant player in all of basketball and end his career as the greatest basketball player to ever play basketball, Michael Jordan taught kobe Bryant how to be a great player with tips and advice he gave kobe, kobe ran with it and took it and applied them in his game, if you go back and look at old clips of kobe he imitated Michael a lot its almost scary, but kobe Bryant hard work paid off to me kobe Bryant is the second best basketball player of all time. my gift is my memory of watching every night and enjoying every bit of it, very inspirational player. I find some clips of kobe brynt best games and plays, and everyday leading up to kobe Bryant final goodbye game I will be posting a clip. this is my gift and farewell to KOBE BRYANT!

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