Charles Kramer is 60 years old and just retired, been married twice but is divorce now, he’s looking to buy a house he want his dream home, he have it all plan out and the location is in California on the hills, a very peaceful place, but before he does anything he want to sit-down and look at the expensing of building the house making sure everything is alright, he want every detail right, construction start on his house, week of weeks of construction, finally the house is completed, he count the cost to live in it and he can afford it, he move in his dream home, he have a good routine, he wake up brush his teeth, shave and take a shower get dress and sit at the kitchen table and drink coffee and read the newspaper, then he go play golf comes home mediate. what a good routine, at the age of 63 after a monthly doctors appointment, he found out some bad news, he got cancer, so he invited all of his family to his dream house for the announcement, encourging everyone to be strong and to continue in life, he was always encourging people, 2 years later he succomb to his cancer, before his death he wrote a letter to his family ” don’t be sad I lived a good positive life use me as a example, have fun enjoy life, be strong and continue in your daily routine, I LOVE YOU YALL “

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