Keith is a runner and he is preparing for a big game, he workout every other day, to work on his run, to get better, he feels he’s ready for the big game and confident he will win, so the big day arrives, he walk into the stadium, stretching and warming-up, he stand at the starting line, and then the gun shoot, the race started, he’s ahead leading the pack in 1st place but then others are catching up he cant believe it and then they past him he’s in 3rd place then others past him he in 5th place, now the race is over and he is disappointed in his-self and his performance, so later that day, he was thinking about the race, as he was thinking he said I need discipline, he felt discipline was what he needed, so he made a list he would do to prepare for his next big game, he trained hard, he refocus, he ran everyday and was on a strict diet, he took it serious as he prepare for his next big game, the next big game arrived and he won 1st place and he credited his win to being discipline.

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