for the past few months, the only thing I been hearing about consistency is suicide so I did research on it and this what I find:

on the “American Foundation for suicide prevention” website its start out by saying “while this data is the most accurate we have, we estimate the numbers to be higher. 

here are statistics- suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in u.s.

each year 44,965 Americans die by suicide.  

for every suicide 25 attempts.

Suicide costs u.s $69 billion annually.

a psychiatrist named Kay Redfield Jamison said this “each way to suicide is it’s own, intensely private, unknowable, and terrible. so we have no knowledge of a person suicide, one day a person fine the next day they committed suicide. that’s how lethal and dangerous it is.

let’s dig little deeper into why- young ones they feel hurt and may view their own death as a means of getting back at those who have hurt them. children are subjected to severe bullying, they are nearly seven times as likely to attempt suicide, the emotional pain that these children suffer is real.

for adults, financial or work-related problems are triggering events. debts, business failures, poverty and unemployment, family problems too may lead to suicide. divorce and broken homes. retirement, physical illness among the elderly, gender, loneliness and depression.                    I know a great website that offers beneficial information that can help such ones who suffer from suicidal thoughts the information on that website is very helpful and beneficial. if you know anyone who could use this information please refer them to the website. thank you!

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