i dont really share this with people cause its not that important to me to share, but I was recently just thinking about my mentors and people who inspire me and I was thinking this would be great post to share so here it is, in life their people who help you and who is there for you teaching and guiding and just being present those are people you know personally, then there people you dont know personally who can inspire you too and those are the ones I will talk about, there are 2 men who I take little bit of something from and use like nelson mandela when I did a research paper on his life when I was in high school, going through his life I found amazing things, he believe in alot of stuff but one thing I really identify with and appreciate is that no matter whats being done to us unfairly or injustice violence is not the answer, this is an insert: he said “reconciliation and negotiation were far more effective and powerful weapons and that should never be forgotten” he always wanted to do things the nonviolent way I really appreciate that so thats one thing I take from him.

my other inspiration is Muhammad Ali everyone knows him as a boxing legend but I look at other things outside of his career, he did many great things outside of the ring and one thing I appreciated was his philanthropy and humanitarian work, he was heavily involved with charities giving back and doing anything he can help even if it meant to pay for somebody a simple meal he would do it for anybody no matter the race background it didn’t matter he viewed them as a human being needing help and he helped. so I always take from that is to help others with whatever needs to be done. 

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