I THOUGHT I WILL SHARE THIS WITH YALL, THE MEANING FOR PUNCTUALITY IS “HAPPENING OR DOING SOMETHING AT THE AGREED OR PROPER TIME, ON TIME” this should be very important to us, because when we are on time it says alot about us it does not mean you show up right excatly on the dot but rather at least 15 minutes early, thats what punctual really means, people dont take it serius enough, they say as long as I made it, true; but have you realize it tell people about what sort of person you are, especially at a workplace coming into work late every day is not good, and when you late it holds others and kinda like a slap in the face to others at the workplace, and being on time for other events so talk to others or fellowship, me personally im ok with punctuality I can do better so this one thing I need to work on more, my mom is a great example for me when it comes to punctuality she goes to bed early wake up getting ready for work have time to relax for little bit and leave early for work and when she arrived she still have 20 mintues to sit and wait for start time for work shes an excellent example for me, if you have trouble with your punctuality I suggest ask ones who punctuality is excellent try to get some tips and advice and try to use them, I know when im on time for anything and im punctual I feel so good, try to be punctual couple times a week and see how refreshing it is.   

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