hello everyone, so I wanted to close out the summer here on my site, this summer for me was busy as heck and a lot happen and it was many things I wanted to do but didn’t get a chance to do, for instance I wanted to go hiking or camping but I didn’t get the chance to, I wanted to do a lot of outside stuff but again didn’t get the chance to do, but I did however got to do a lot of work around my house outside that needed to be done and with working its tough cause you tired already and then you have to do more work but it needed to be done, I went to a garden conservatory which was neat I saw all kinds of plants, I saw and learned about this plant that grows vanilla beans the tour person let us smell the plant and it smell just like a vanilla bean and I was like wow a plant that small was able to produce vanilla beans so I thought that was cool, it was a huge lagoon that that had a walk path around it and I walk around it. it had coil fish and goose and ducks and lot of other different kinds of fish and they had a walk path outside that had many beautiful bright colorful flowers it was cool, I did other things to, so my summer was ok but the good thing is the things I didn’t get to do this summer I always have next summer to do, so its important we keep a positive mind, and its still nice days outside so you could still do outside things before fall/winter comes, review your summer and share some of your best times or moments.

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