I was reading this good article from a journal and in it something was said that is true, it said “I fear dropping the plate and it breaks in many pieces then I can count, even though that plate will inevitably crack agian, it has been my experience that where there is brokenness there is also an abundance of grace.”   thats so true in life we do things so wrong and we always messing up (dropping the plate) and we get devastated by us messing up, there diffrent persective to it, rather you a mother raising a child, or been release from jail and getting back to a normal life and getting back in society, always failing people we love or we fail a test of some sort and feel like you dont mean nothing to nobody or just think we a failure altoughter in life, we all have one thing in common no matter who we are, we all (drop the plate) and everyone need to know that and remember that and it will happen again and agian and agian, but we learn from it and we grow to be big mighty people from it, its part of life and out of that brokenness is aboundance of grace, so remember, encourage yourself, movtivate yourself commend yourself, allow it to happen and take the grace from it.

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