I wanted to do a post on this talking point and that is “being alone” there diffrent reasons a person can be alone, but one thing I was told being alone in a way that you are single is good because during that time you get a chance to discover yourself and go through experiences to learn, rather they are good or bad, and it really allows you to focus on life and things in life, I often hear people say I want to be with somebody and in some cases they are not ready to be with some one else because they dont fully know their self, they didnt take that time when they were alone to truly fully discover they self to be with some one else, and sadly I see or hear about those ones getting married then divorcing, so it’s just something all single people go through and if you single dont find it a bad thing or dont think you have to rush to be with someone either, actually singleness is a good thing it can be a blessing so cherish it hold on to it and take that time to find yourself.    

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