ok i want to talk about how this part of the world we experience transitions of seasons and how cool it is, from winter to spring to summer to fall and in december winter begin agian and start the cycle all over again, and each seasons brings its own challenges and we as humans have to adapt, but also good things happen as well that give us a chance to do, like in the winter time white flakes fall from the sky called snow and if the snow accumlate enough of it on the ground we can play in it and build things before it melt, and we have to dress alot of layers of clothes to stay warm when outside cause it can get to freezing temps through out the day, and one of the biggest things to do is drink hot beverages and eat soup to keep us warm, then in the summer time its completely diffrent from winter, its super hot it can get up to 100 degrees so that mean we wear less clothes, shorts and shirts and sandels to stay somewhat cool and drink cold beverages and eat cold things like ice cream to beat the heat and another fun things very popular during the summer is swimming pools and playing in water to stay cool, seasons are very interesting, if you dont experience transitions of seasons please look it up and learn about it cause its very cool.

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