So last month was financial literacy month and we deal with money every day so money is important to learn about money.

just like reading, writing and math financial education need to be taught in school so kids can understand it and when they understand it then they will make good decisions on money later on in life.

So everyone knows about saving which is a good things but that’s the point of having money is to spend it, but another part of money management is budgeting which is important to me I think out of all of the parts of money management I think budgeting is important especially doing the pandemic people lost there jobs and so budgeting came into play rather people knew that or not, budgeting should be a weekly thing budgeting would help you from spending on things you don’t need and when it’s time to make big purchases you would be more appreciative of budgeting, the goal is to not spend money but spend money in the right way or healthy way.

I’m not a pro in finance but just little thought from my view but I encourage all to do your own research about budgeting.

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