June 15 a very hot day brother and sister Jane and Steve on they way to summer camp, they arrived, everyone greet them, the camp leader walk them to they area so they can set up their tents, the camp leader giving them the instructions and rules and the schedule, any questions? The camp leader ask, Jane and Steve said no, as they was setting up they tent Arthur walks over introduces his self and offer help, Jane and Steve said sure, so Arthur is helping them setting they tent up and Arthur asking questions to get to know them little better and he telling them about his self as well, so the tent is set up before Arthur walks away he remind them lunch is at 12 and he says see Y’all then, so Jane and Steve walk around the camp, they introducing themselves to people and talking to new peoples, they participate in few Activities and enjoyed it. Its lunch time and Arthur meet them there and he introduce his other friend tony, from that point on they did everything together, they became really close and years later all four of them became best friends.

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