I’ve been planning this Dinner party for awhile, the day have arrived, ugh I have to much to do I guess I start with cleaning the house I’ll wash the dishes, sweep and mop the floor, then I’ll vacuum the floor and Reaarange the chairs and couches in the living room, then I’ll go into the bathroom clean the Toliet seats and clean the mirrors wash the carpets and clean out the sink, vacuum the living room floor, the house is clean now I need a list to get to cook, I’m making spaghetti so I need:
Chopped onions
Garlic minced
Small green bell pepper diced
Fresh tomatoes
Salt and pepper
Dried basil
I need broccoli rice and I have everything for the fried chicken, and I need orange Fanta pop and water and after I leave Walmart I can go to the currency exchange and pay my Comed bill, ok I have everything planned….good!


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