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By: andre


The 60’s was full of many things that happen specifically

1958 an unforgettable year in unforgettable ways, lots of

triumphs and Tradagies.

On January 30: north Vietnam launches the Tet offensive

against the united states, thousands died during that war.


on September 30: Boeing introduces the first 747 “jumbo jet”

The world’s then-largest passenger aircraft, when you think of

Big airplanes you think of “jumbo jet”.


October 16: U.s athletes take a stand at the summer Olympics


During the 1968 summer Olympics in Mexico city two black athletes

Staged a silent demonstration against racial discrimination in the

United states.

For the simple defiant act of raising their fists during the

national anthem, the international Olympic committee condemned

American medalists Tommie smith and john Carlos.


They also wore black socks and no shoes. On their clothes were

badges of the Olympic project for human rights.


One thing that was popular in 1968 was the black and white

Television, majority of Americans watch T.v today, can you imagine

Watching T.v in black and white today?

Major changes have happen to television.


1968 was the beginning of the type writer and letters were being

Typed I did not use a type writer for this manuscript but

Manuscripts was mainly done on type writers I use a computer with

Type writer style.





The end


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