6:00 Am I wake up walk to the bathroom and look into the mirror take a shower then get out and brush my teeth comb my hair then walk back into my room and get dress, after I dress I go into the kitchen and make lemon tea, it’s 6:25 Am grab my keys and get in the car start it let it run for few minutes, then I leave, I am on my way to work, now I am at work get out the car close door and lock it, walk in the building clock in, walk to my department fill out the paperwork for the job, now its 7:00 Am time to start work, start my machine up and get working, 2 hours past its 9:10 Am, 1 hour past it’s 10:00 Am omg time going so slow so I stop looking at the clock and focus on my work after 2 hours past I look at the clock and finally it’s 12:00 Pm lunchtime!

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