Jack grew up in a poor family his mom and dad barely had enough to provide for him he ate the same meal everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he wore the same clothes to school everyday he would get tease and get pick on by other kids because he wore the same clothes everyday, jack was a good kid never got into trouble did his work sometimes he would be the smarted kid in his class if he knew the answer to a question, after school he would walk home do his chores and go into his room and think about a lot of things-he often thought about what was his grandparents was like, so that evening at the dinner table he asked his parents what was his grandparents like?, they told him they was owners of a shoe store and had a big house and very generous to others, they retired sold the business and unexpectedly got sick and died, after the parents told jack the story he asked if he could see the house, so after dinner his parents took him to see his grandparents house they took him inside he wonder around the house he went into the basement and was going through some old boxes fill with books cover with dust he saw a chest and was very curious what was inside of it so he walk over to it and open it his eyes got big and he was shock 40 millions dollars was inside, what would you do if you found 40 million dollars?

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