In high school I did a research paper on Nelson Mandela, I was so inspired by his story and the change he wanted to make not just in South Africa but in the world, his message was freedom and injustice, things was happening around him and he heard of many stories about how South Africans was being treated and he wanted to do something about it, so he use his power and voice through speeches to his people and also inside those speeches he address those who was oppressing, the very people who was the problem, he wasn’t done he talk about many problems that was happening not just in South Africa but the world, again he use his power, and voice this problems, one thing he talked about was human rights, basic human rights that South Africans couldn’t have there rights was being taking away he spoke boldly about that “that all humans have human rights” he wanted to combat poverty and expand healthcare. It’s something that everybody can take from him and learn from, just a amazing human being. One thing I loved about Nelson Mandela is that his speeches was bold yet respectful and his humility, he was very humble, he wanted to be very approachable and didn’t want people to feel he was better then anybody, and one thing that I think is very powerful to me was he was committed to non-violent protest. That was not an option for him, that is so powerful to me amazing. 

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