let me first out by saying I do not talk on politics I’m completely neutral on politics, so this post I wanted to talk about a woman who we all know and she wrote a book and even though we know her from what we know her from, she said out of her own mouth she is more then the former First Lady, so that’s why she wrote this book called “becoming” to share her whole life with us, I did not read the book but I did read an excerpt from the book and listern to interviews of her talking about the book, and a lot of things she said is very relatable for us poor folks lol, but she describe her childhood and college life diffrent jobs and title and positions she had then to meeting her husband till now present day, the book is for everyone to read and get inspired and learn few things from, so there one thing she said that got my attention and I listern very closely too and that is “kids know when they are not value” that really got my attention because I did a post about suicide couple months ago and one thing in that post is that little things can cause kids to go into depression and I didn’t think about that till I heard it from Michelle, if we make kids feel like they not important there self confident can go down and may fall into depression, so parents really need to recognize and show there kids lots of attention make them feel special and let them express there minds instead of saying no, so I really appreciate that, another thing I liked is that she was talking about legacy, examine what we do now cause we all will leave a legacy when we die, so what are we doing now? How can we impact the world now? I really liked that and that’s true whether we like it or not we all will leave a legacy when we die, so are we doing positive things now. Another thing she said that “I personally already do is, when people doubt you use that energy to motivate you in life and with your goals” but remember you doing for yourself though. And then the word “becoming” what does that word mean to you? To me it means still growing evolving changing, I will never stop becoming until I die, I’m still growing and striving to be the best me as possible. 

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