personal experience: I wanted to make this post about African-American hair because black hair has played a large part in our expression of culture, so I’m black with kinky hair and I been growing my hair for couple years now a lot of people always say I should cut it even though I wash it and comb it and make it presentable and decent people still suggest me to cut it, my hair is not hurting anyone and its not in no one way, with my hair its me expressing myself, its not a problem, it’s their own personal problem they have to deal with, in one article I was reading online said this “Too many people still make assumptions that an afro implies some sort of militancy or that wearing dreadlocks means a predilection for smoking pot.” and that’s so true its too many people judge we need to learn how not to judge or make assumptions cause when we do that, that’s when we get ourselves in trouble, wear your hair natural and wear whatever style you want.    this is the online link to the article I was reading:

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