I’m just as sad and heartbroken and devasted and shock and confuse like everybody else is this just a post coming straight from my heart about a man a legend who pass away my inspiration, I’m at lost for words earlier I was planing out what I was gone say I forgot everything best things to do is just write whatever comes to my head, Sunday I was taking a nap, and turn on the tv to watch the pre-grammy red carpet interviews right, as soon as I turn to the channel they were talking about Kobe Bryant so I was like Kobe Bryant gone be at the awards or something until the host said “we still getting developing information” and I’m like what is she talking about I was so lost then they start pulling up different social media post from different celebs offering their condolences to the family and I was still not knowing what going on. after they showed the different messages the host appear again and said to new viewers” if you just now joining up thanks we have sad news to report that NBA basketball player kobe bryant has died, as soon as i hear her say that i yell at the t.v so many things was running in my mind i was saying how? what? why? then i turn to cnn and they was reporting on it too i was like he cant be died, then the host on cnn told us how he died in a helicopter crash and all i was thinking was he not died he just problably hurt injury or something but not died, 3 days later i refuse to believe he’s died, like 3 days later im still confuse and shock since then to now diffrent points of the day it comes up in my mind that kobe bryant is really died no matter what im doing during the day it just come out of no where and remind me kobe bryant is really died smh, this gone sting for awhile i try to do things to keep it off my mind and it wont leave just pop up in my mind and when i heard his daughter was with him and died too i really lost it just so sad tragic to early so soon ima stop typing cause im getting emotional again, il post a better tribute on another day.

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