Dear Kobe Bryant,

I know you will never get to read this letter but I’m still writing it to remind myself the impact you had on me, we take a lot of people in our lives for granted and we need to appreciate them more, I never met you but for years saw you on my tv screen that was my way of meeting you and you were nice and welcoming to your home (staple center) you entertainment me and kept me engaged thank you for that. you taught me a very good lesson over the years and that was the “mamba mentality” with your plays on the court and your fight to never give up on yourself or don’t let people put you in a box, your will and determination to never give up was a big inspiration for me I use that same concept in my everyday life to never give up, fight for yourself, I also like the other meaning of it too, getting better at whatever you do in life, improving yourself and a quest to be the best version of yourself, in elementary I was walking down the hallway to go to my next class when one kid pushes me to the ground for no reason you know what I did? I got up and continue walking to the class why? cause I wasn’t gone let him get me in trouble or slow me down or stop me from going to class to get my education and when I got older and started to watch basketball you were the first player I really like because of that will and determination to win, the fight in you, ever since the first time I saw you play basketball till now I still have that will and determination in me in my life to fight for myself, you are not here no more but life continue on I will never forget that lesson you taught me in all aspect of life have will and determination, thank you for inspiring me your legacy will live on. 

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