I was doing some research few weeks ago and I read something that was interesting to me, I never thought about it before and that is prescription medication linked to depression and after I read that my mind started filling up with all kind of stuff, my mind was over-driving thinking about that cause I never really thought about that before, so I did research just on the topic alone and one thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about is when I was younger seeing my granny take so much medication, in my mind I was like wow that’s a lot of medication she had to take through- out the day, but I didn’t think about it a lot I just knew she had to take it to feel better-(in my little kid mind) but now as an adult when I reflect back to my my younger self watching my granny take all those medications I’m questioning everything, was all those medications necessary? could she have just took a few?, etc….

So Here’s My Research Effort:

The Percentage I Give Is To Give An Idea, The Numbers Changes Consistency.

more than 131 million people- 66 percent of all adults in the united states- use prescription medications.

In these research I found they interviewed a clinical pharmacist and the first question they asked was, so are the millions of Americans who take prescription medication inevitably sliding into depression? the pharmacist said: “not necessarily, these studies show correlation, not cause and effect. there are many reasons why people who are taking prescription medication may be depressed, particularly if they’re battling a chronic condition” I think prescription medications can cause some form of depression, every medication have side effects so taking enough medications overtime the side effects could develop some form of depression and those who do have chronic conditions could still be affected by the side effects could make their depression worst.

The interviewer asked the clinical pharmacist facts about medication side effects and one thing the pharmacist said was: “scary side effects like depression and suicide happen to a small number of people, and often they cant be directly attributed to the medication” to me a small number is way to much for me when it comes to depression and suicides it need to be at zero. anyone else agree? more time and effect and research need to be spent on medication research with very little or no side effects cause these side effects are really causing harm.

here are some well-established medications linked to sadness, depression, and suicidal thoughts:

  • Accutane (isotretinoin), used to treat acne
  • Corticosteroids, used to treat inflammation and arthritis
  • Anticonvulsants, used to treat seizures and mood disorders
  • Antidepressants, used to treat depression
  • Varenicline, used for smoking cessation

Notice how all of these are used for different things but can be linked to depression and suicide, except one and that one suppose to help with depression but instead it contribute to depression. SMH!

Couple things these pharmacist said that I agree with, “its best to take few medications as possible to keep you functioning at your best”

“sometimes one medication can take care of several issues”

if you are taking medications especially a lot of medications please talk to your doctor to try to reduce your medications, also ask for every side effects in each medication you have, ask lots of questions and tell your doctor every concern you have about your medication, if you have aging parents or grandparents who is taking medications please go with them on their doctor appointments so you can know everything and ask questions yourself or any concerns you have regarding your love’s one medication and health and try to get to the root causes of the medications.

please do your own personal research on “medication” and your own personal medications.

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